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Significant Other Support Group Started
Posted On: May 14, 2018

Fire Wives of Marion County

Hi All!

I’m Jess Majoros, wife of Andrew Majoros St31A.  Some of you may know us, probably most of you do not - That is one of the reasons I approached the Union asking to start this “social club”.  I come from growing up in a close-knit department of both police and fire and expected the same when we moved up here.  Many of the 400+ Firefighters working for Marion County and their significant others don’t know other firefighters’ families!  Some stations are very close and do great with events on a small scale but overall, I feel the cohesiveness is lacking and I hope to help change that.  Ultimately, my hope is that establishing an overall close department will yield an increase in both retention and representation.

It is no secret that MCFR is experiencing a retention problem and while that is being worked on diligently by those on the inside, I feel adding a social network for the wives, fiancés, serious girlfriends, etc. can help as bring a type of fringe benefit.  Imagine family nights, wine nights, outings, and dinners for A, B, and C shift wives and families* (*families not invited to wine nights-that’s our night!-find a babysitter lol).  Allowing everyone to get to know each other better and support one another.  It will be nice having a group of people who know you plan on an every third day and weekends don’t mean anything.

I also hope this group can assist in the way we support our firefighters at home.  These days, firefighters all over the nation are being hit hard with PTSD and increased risk of cancer.  As much fun as this group will have I also want this group of wives to be educated. I want to eventually, bring in speakers to offer advice and support for our fire families.  Many coalitions have started throughout Florida for the safety of our firefighters and this group can add to their message being a voice for Marion County Fire Rescue. 

We can also help support our firefighters by representing them in getting the pay and benefits they deserve leading to MCFR retention.  Imagine, if 400+ in their MCFR shirts at a Council meeting turned into 800+, what the impact would be.  Imagine showing up to community events and looking forward to hanging out with friends while representing the actual footprint we have on this community to our County Officials.  I understand we are part of a large department and county, I also know that some live outside the county limits; but for those who are able I hope you will be willing to support this. 


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